The Principles of Principled Leaders™

In a tough and challenging world…this presentation is a breath of fresh air! Your audience will be challenged and encouraged…and, leave renewed, refueled, and re-fired! Simply put, your team will leave this keynote prepared to see less tunnel…and more light


Retooled & Refueled Live Event

Organizations worldwide call on Steve for this popular 5-seesion event because it changes everything from the inside out…both professionally and personally! With concepts from his national best seller, ReTooled & ReFueled, your audience will learn how to reach their goals…and beyond. Through the 5 sessions, Steve shares 24 strategies that are guaranteed to revolutionize their work practices and inter-personal skills. Here’s where your people will learn how to eat their problems for breakfast! [Learn More]

NexGen Selling

NexGen Selling with Steve Diggs

An award winning and legendary salesman himself, for three decades Steve has distinguished himself as both a star salesman and sales trainer. As always, Steve is funny—but this is a button-down, take-no-prisoners, get-it-done presentation your people will never forget! Designed for both novices and veterans in the field, your people will learn:

• The “3 Stages in a Salesperson’s Life” – and how not to get stuck in the wrong phase.
• Stop complicating crowbars with “The 12 Crowbar Truths of Incredibly Productive Salespeople.”
• Relational Selling…and how to lead the conversation.
• “Pre-Answering” – The gold standard of closing.
• “Your Vanishing Inventory” – How to manage your time.
• The concept of “Alternative Success.”
• The “Myth of the 40-Hour Week.”
• How to develop “Brand YOU.”
• How to go from the demographics to the “Psychographics of Selling.”
• How to combine the “Life-Skills and Like-Skills” of selling.

[Learn More]


No Debt, No Sweat! Live Event

This is Steve’s most popular event…presented over 500 times worldwide! With 70% of Americans struggling with their money…thoughtful employers, churches and non-profits call on Steve to present this funny and life-changing personal money management seminar. This event includes 4 sessions and covers everything needed to get out of debt, develop a personal budget, learn to prioritize, overcome “Stuffaholism,” deal with big purchases (homes, cars, insurance), and prepare for a dignified future

Brand You

Brand YOU: How to Build Your Brand & Share Your Life Message™

Steve is an internationally acclaimed advertising executive and branding expert. In Putting Your Best Forward…he literally wrote the book on the topic! He’s taught American branding at the university level…and to audiences around the globe. For over 20 years he headed one of America’s most acclaimed branding firms. In this humorous presentation, Steve will lift the curtain and show you how to develop your personal brand…and inspire the people they lead and love.

Steve Diggs Seminar Logos
Steve Diggs Seminar Logos