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NEW Baby-Busters Live Event

A Renewal Plan for the Second-Half of Your Life! What a resume! Life-skills coach, Steve Diggs, has spoken over 3000 times in a dozen countries on four continents with authority and encyclopedic knowledge. He’s had a bumper crop of life experiences: Big-market radio/TV personality, recording artist, Nashville record producer, college

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Person to Personal

“Person to Personal” is a People-Skills Seminar for Today’s Workforce! It is “a truly fun way – to learn how to do things the right way!”

Retooled & Refueled Live Event

Do you want to see more light than tunnel?  Researchers tell us that we have 60,000 thoughts per day – 41 per minute!  Our thoughts determine who we are and how we respond to life’s challenges. Steve Diggs has shown thousands of live audiences, readers, and television viewers how to

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No Debt, No Sweat! Live Event

One of the most thoughtful things any employer or leader can do is host a live No Debt No Sweat! Personal Money  Management Seminar. Nationwide, about 70 percent of us are struggling with our money. In his wildly popular NDNS! Seminar, Steve takes the audience on a fast paced, funny,

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NexGen Selling with Steve Diggs

From Star Salesman to Advertising Executive – Steve Diggs Knows Selling! A star salesman himself, Steve Diggs began his training career in 1975. Then for 25 years Steve built a major regional advertising/marketing agency – based on the belief that advertising is nothing more than salesmanship to the masses!

Featured Keynote Presentations

Other Keynote Presentations

Beyond Steve's two live events are an array of keynote topics designed to maximize your audiences' life skills, money management skills and business/sales skills. Steve is a master at customizing each presentation to fit the audience and what they need most!

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Recent Writings

Basics of Mutual Funds

As I travel around the country presenting the No Debt No Sweat! Seminar I probably get more questions about mutual funds than any other one topic. Millions of Americans who own these investments won’t understand much about them. I’ve learned that when I get too technical about mutual funds, peoples’

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Eat Your Problems for Breakfast

Although the name of this article is inspired by a book title from twenty years ago, I still love that little phrase. One of the most human of all the things we do is try to avoid pain. No one wants to be hurt. For most of us, problems are

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